Award Gap Talking Heads

Student Mentorship Scheme

CONTRIBUTORS EDUCATIONATIONAL AFFILIATION Manchester Metropolitan University Summary The mentor scheme was originally designed to provide additional support to students and tutors in teaching and learning activities during the pandemic for the Business Technology programme. It has now expanded to include a number of impactful activities, from designing content, running support sessions, facilitating outreach for local […]

Decolonisation Talking Heads

Decolonising the STEM Curriculum Online Toolkit

Contributors Educational affiliation Manchester Metropolitan University VIDEO: Decolonising the STEM Curriculum Online Toolkit [6:24] Abstract Decolonising curricula is about addressing disadvantage and inequality associated with racism and the legacy of colonialism. Decolonising benefits individuals, HEIs, and society, and can contribute to closing award gaps. This project aimed to create easily accessible guidance and resources to […]

Lived Experiences Written Case Studies

Lived Experiences of BAME Students Uncovered Through Reflective Diaries

Contributors D. Theresa Nicholson Educational affiliation Manchester Metropolitan University Abstract Persistent awarding gaps are evidence of continued structural race inequality in HE. Quantitative data that demonstrate institutional and national awarding gaps, connect with our cognitive selves. Here, we inform our work to close award gaps while at the same time gathering evidence that evokes our […]