Award Gap Talking Heads

Student Mentorship Scheme

  • Pin Shen Teh
  • Johnathan Kettleborough
  • Ella Cranmer

Manchester Metropolitan University

VIDEO: Student Mentor Scheme – Closing Award Gaps in Higher Education [11:55]


The mentor scheme was originally designed to provide additional support to students and tutors in teaching and learning activities during the pandemic for the Business Technology programme. It has now expanded to include a number of impactful activities, from designing content, running support sessions, facilitating outreach for local communities, facilitating social events and trips, co-creating teaching and learning experience and much more. The scheme aims to close the award and progression gaps in higher education. The objectives are: (i) to develop an inclusive student experience, (ii) to enhance employability, (iii) to build a sense of belonging and community and (iv) to revolutionise learning and teaching practices.

Impact, Learning Outcomes and Take-aways

The mentor scheme has revolutionised the teaching and learning of the Business Technology programme. We have seen significant improvements in student engagement, attendance, motivation and attainment. Students have found the mentors approachable and relatable, and often feel more confident to approach them for support than staff, which has helped to breakdown some of the perceived barriers for assignment and materials support, positively impacting grades and outcomes. This has also had a positive impact on student inclusivity improving the student experience, but also fostering a supportive sense of community among our students and staff. The mentor led drop-in sessions to provide more comprehensive and regular support, which is not always possible for staff to facilitate with busy workloads/timetabling commitments.

For the mentors, we have seen them flourish and develop confidence, new skills and engagement, but also to have a real positive impact on the students. These skills will be invaluable for their future careers and employability, by giving them exposure to a range of experiences, from planning and designing teaching content, to running outreach sessions and engaging with local community.

The projects the mentors have been involved with from developing promotional videos for BSc Business Technology, student experience
sharing and encouraging women in technology, to building a Minecraft campus of the Faculty of Business and Law, and Art and Humanities, have had a real tangible impact and marked the start of a number of further projects.

Personal Reflections

The mentor scheme is a fantastic way to improve inclusivity, building community and give students opportunities to develop their
employability. By empowering and giving mentors the opportunity to develop content, design sessions plan and deliver learning, helps break down barriers and engage students, as well as giving staff new ideas and fresh perspectives. We have seen significant and positive improvements since the scheme started, and are looking to roll it out further across our programme in a range of units.