Decolonisation Talking Heads

Decolonising the STEM Curriculum Online Toolkit

  • D. Theresa Nicholson
  • Fiona C. Saunders
Educational affiliation

Manchester Metropolitan University

VIDEO: Decolonising the STEM Curriculum Online Toolkit [6:24]


Decolonising curricula is about addressing disadvantage and inequality associated with racism and the legacy of colonialism. Decolonising benefits individuals, HEIs, and society, and can contribute to closing award gaps. This project aimed to create easily accessible guidance and resources to support academic staff in decolonising their curricula. A review of literature and online resources established conceptual boundaries and highlighted good practice. Comprehensive guidance structured around curriculum design, delivery, and content was developed, and this contextualises decolonising against related EDI concepts. An over-arching toolkit provides an extensive bank of resources with FAQs, commentaries, reference articles, and a section dedicated to STEM disciplines. The toolkit includes a section with multiple perspectives on decolonising from students, student leaders, and academic staff, in the form of written and video narratives and published articles. The Decolonising the STEM Curriculum Online Toolkit offers comprehensive support for staff development and enables decolonising of HE curricula to be prioritised.

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